The current Boston condo for sale market

The current Boston condo for sale market is an interesting one. I’m noticing some price reductions on Boston condos for sale. With that said, condos in desirable buildings, if priced right, will sell in a short time at or near asking price. There are more are and more Boston condos for sale coming on the market, but special units, condos that are not so typical can go quickly.

Does it pay to have patience?

In a previous post I mentioned that Boston condo buyers who have patience will be rewarded. We have seen many properties that have gone through price reductions. Boston condos for sale that were way overpriced are getting pummeled , especially those that have had that many reductions.

Looking to buy a Boston condo for sale?

Are you looking for a Boston condo for sale? You will begin to see more condos coming on the market in the next few weeks. Many will stay on the market for awhile and others will not. The ones that won’t are ones that are more unique like a special corner unit in a building or something like a 1 bedroom penthouse unit. When you have a Boston condo for sale that is unique, the urgency to not miss out is much higher. When you have 10 to 15 condos that are very similar like interior units, there is no urgency or fear of loss. As you move forward in your search for a Boston condo for sale, work with a specialist, someone that understands the Boston downtown condo market and understands why one condo price make sense while another one does not. 


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