I just read another interesting article from The Wall Street Journal titled “The Curse of the Class of ’09.” Here are a few points I found interesting in the article: Due to the recession, more and more 20 somethings are living with their parents because they can’t find a job that pays enough to afford thier own place. I found these three paragraphs very interesting regarding the impact of graduating from college in a recession.

In short, luck matters. The damage can linger up to 15 years, says Lisa Kahn, a Yale School of Management economist. She used the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, a government data base, to track wages of white men who graduated before, during and after the deep 1980s recession.

Ms. Kahn found that for each percentage-point increase in the unemployment rate, those with the misfortune to graduate during the recession earned 7% to 8% less in their first year out than comparable workers who graduated in better times. The effect persisted over many years…

For example, a man who graduated in December 1982 when unemployment was at 10.8% made, on average, 23% less his first year out of college and 6.6% less 18 years out than one who graduated in May 1981 when the unemployment rate was 7.5%. For a typical worker, that would mean earning $100,000 less over the 18-year period

The Wall Street Journal

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