Does this story make you feel good?

I’m a rental agent for the same reason we are at war with Iraq …

It’s a beautiful late fall afternoon, and I’m sitting in a coffee shop watching New York pass by. Did I mention that it’s a weekday and my bills are paid?

I stopped by the office to return an e-mail and check my messages, but with no appointments lined up until tomorrow, I’m completely free. There is no need to make any lame excuses for my absence, as my company doesn’t pay me a dime for hanging around the office. I make my own schedule and decide who is worth working with. If money were my sole objective, I’d be trading options downtown in a pink striped shirt and a suffocating office with a bunch of rowdy Australians, but truthfully it’ not.

Oh, c’mon. Don’t begrudge someone else just because they’re making money for something that should be free. It’s called capitalism, right?

RENTAL DEMENTIA: Dirty Hands – By Brian Carter, New York Press

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