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This has been a tough year, and as far as things go, it makes us constantly revise our Boston condo for sale marketing plans. Those who intend to sell their downtown condo this year are equally confused as those planning to buy one. However, the good news is that you are not alone in these uncertain times. Today, one this Boston Real Estate Blog post we‘ll provide you with our best Boston condo sales tips for this market place

Selecting a Boston real estate broker

When you’re selling your Beacon Hill home or Boston high rise condo, you are not just looking for a good price. You’d expect to sell your home fast and for top dollar at the same time. These two reasons combined are why you should team up with an experienced real estate agent. Someone with years in the Boston downtown real estate market, an agent that has experience pulling through at least one economic crisis that has affected the real estate market. That experience is what you should rely on.

It goes without saying, but you should delegate the home selling task to a licensed, expert real estate agent, with knowledge and understanding of the local market and current listings. This kind of insight will greatly help you set the optimal price. To determine the best price and selling strategy, your agent will conduct a comparative market analysis.

Boston real estate for sale – selling tips

Whatever you’re trying to sell Midtown condo or a Seaport home, you need to know what you’re selling, where, and to whom. The agent will take care of most of these criteria but neither of you knows absolutely everything about your home.

This is why you’re advised to hire a licensed home inspector to asses your house first. Before you put your home on the market will give you sufficient time to make any necessary maintenance repairs. This is also the proper time to make upgrades to the interior space of your condo. Conducting the said repairs after your buyer requests a home inspection will take too much of your time. It may cost you a good buyer who’s in a rush to seal the deal. 

Deep cleaning comes next, but to do it properly you need to dispose of excess belongings.

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