How will cities be built in the future?

Like a Walmart.

In Waltropolis, a project by theboxtank, we pursue Wal-Mart’s mega-infrastructural machine to a logical extension, which can only be defined as a negative utopia. Waltropolis merges all of the mechanisms of the Wal-Mart machine with the remains of the city, into the industrial complex provided by a megastructure. The city and everything contained within the city is organized in an infrastructure based on Wal-Mart’s distribution machine, as a means toward the end of discount space and savings.

The greatest achievement of Waltropolis is the merging of institutions. Retail, Civic, Education and Cultural institutions fold into one, completing the privatization of public institutions and their spaces. Office space, museums, classrooms, places of worship, courthouses and jails, and libraries are loaded along a linear band that runs the 11-kilometre (7 mile) length of Waltropolis. All of this fronts Wal-Street, a place for parades, street fairs and other acts of public assembly that may have taken place on the traditional Main Street.

Residential tract housing is located on the roof deck, the seven square miles optimized to provide the suburban-style living Americans have come to expect.

Courtesy, theboxtank, by way of The New York Observer

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