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Question: I am selling my house with one agent and the buyer does not have any agent. My agent brings the buyer and they put in an offer. How much commission will I owe to my agent? Is it 5% or 2.5%?

My Answer: Haha. Good question.

If you are selling your home, and you have an agent, but your buyer doesn’t have an agent, chances are, your agent keeps the entire 5% commission. You might think that the agent only deserves half, 2.5%, but, unless it is written up otherwise, you’ll still pay 5%.

Now, what about if you are the buyer? What should you do, if you are about to make an offer on a home, and you’re not using an agent?

Well, what I would do is, when you make your offer, even if you think it should be full-price, write it out for 2.5% less.

When the seller’s agent asks why, say, simply, “Well, I’m not using a buyer’s agent, so I should get that 2.5% back, for myself.”

The first thing the agent will start thinking is how much that’s going to cost him, in lost commissions.

The second thing the agent will start thinking is …

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Updated: January 2018

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