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Why do people leave Massachusetts?

So much ink has been spent on this issue.

Here’s another point of view:

Think about the reasons young college graduates, working couples, or even retirees cite when they say they are leaving for North Carolina or Florida. The costs that are driving our workforce to other states and keeping new employers away are for housing, transportation, and energy — all of which are taking more money out of the family checkbook than state taxes.

The author’s solutions:

* demand zoning reform, so that more housing can be built on smaller lots
* plan new housing around infrastructure, such as public transportation, shops, and highways, not the other way around
* invest in public infrastructure – improve existing highways, public transportation, etc.
* invest in new public transportation initiatives – sorry, Amherst and Boxford, Boston and Worcester are the big cities, they’re going to get the money for public transportation, not you.

Worthwhile read on some steps to improve our quality of life (oh, and it doesn’t come cheap!).

Complete story: A smarter look at Massachusetts’ costs– By Kristina Egan, The Boston Globe

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