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Has anyone taken the Silver Line, to the airport, this week?

What did you think?

Most people, before the Ted Williams tunnel connector accident, probably were under the impression that the Silver Line from South Station to Logan Airport was a subway. Or, at least, a quick bus ride on a dedicated lane of traffic.

It’s not.

It’s hell on earth.

It’s a bus. You pick it up, under South Station (inexplicably, the bus stops twice, underground, once to pick up airport passengers, then, again, 15 feet forward … to pick up World Trade Center passengers.

Then, you go about 1000 feet, and drop off passengers, then wait at a traffic light, then drop off more passengers (if there are any), then wait at a traffic light, then make a circle, above ground, then wait at another traffic light, all the while, you can see South Station, off in the distance. You’re probably only about 600 feet from it, the whole time (reminds me of that Simpsons episode where Homer is late to work, and keeps driving around the office parking lot, finally finding a spot behind his own house – Bart waves out the window and says, “Hi, Dad!”.

Mind you, you are not yet into the tunnel, nor are you anywhere close to the airport, yet.

Then, you go through one more light, until you enter the Ted Williams tunnel. The tunnel, you might think, is a dedicated road directly to the airport.

It’s not. Well, it might be, currently, because no one else can drive on the highway. I think they are allowing buses to use the dedicated State Police lane (dedicated State Police lane, did anyone know about this???? Why is there a dedicated State Police lane???).

But, usually, you end up entering into the same lanes of traffic as everyone else.

One mile later, you come above ground.

No, you aren’t going to be dropped off in front of your terminals any faster than anyone else, in a car or taxi.

This is insulting.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice … I forget what I was talking about, actually. Bright lights, outside.

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Updated: January 2018

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