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One of the unfortunate outcomes of a slower real estate market is that neighborhoods that were poised for great things suffer.

I’m not saying that neighborhoods such as Dorchester and East Boston weren’t great, to begin with, but the hot real estate market over the past several years helped parts of these neighborhoods to be “reborn”, with rehabbed housing and revitalized streetscapes (for lack of a better term … sorry, I”m tired).

The Globe had an article in Sunday’s paper talking about some exciting developments in East Boston, and on the entrepreneurial spirit alive within many of its residents.

“Pretty much as soon as we moved in a couple of years ago and starting meeting our neighbors, it became obvious that there were a lot of people over here who were doing very interesting things,” says Rob Pyles, 30, who, with his wife, Juliet, founded Audyssey Guides iPod city tours and has renovated several houses. He rattles off the professions of some of the couple’s friends, who have founded nonprofits, own restaurants, run import businesses, make natural soaps, handles the area’s holistic dog-care needs, or freelance as writers, photographers, carpenters, or architects.

East Boston has always been home to hard-working immigrants, many of whom have opened restaurants, delis, and other businesses …

“I don’t think there’s any question that there are more entrepreneurs in East Boston than in some other parts of the city,” Rob Pyles says. “There’s something that attracts that kind of person here. You have to step back and make the conscious decision to go where other people aren’t going. And I think part of the appeal to entrepreneurs is that they can be part of the change. Entrepreneurs create change. They see an opportunity to make something better, whether it’s a business or a neighborhood.”

Inspiring story.

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Source: Across the water, new wave breaking – By Elizabeth Gehrman, The Boston Globe

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