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Several real estate agents appeared before the Arnold City (St. Louis) Council Thursday to protest a proposal that would require them to pay for a permit to post directional arrows to open houses.

The permit, which would cost $50 per real estate office, would allow all agents in that office to post unlimited directional arrows on public property for a year. The proposal is part of a revision to an ordinance that bans temporary or “snipe” signs such as those for garage sales, which are often tacked to trees, telephone poles, public benches, streetlights and other public right-of-way property.

The real estate agents said they don’t want to have to pass additional costs on to clients during the economic downturn. (That could average out to a dollar per listing – OMG!)

Some may think I made this story up, but I didn’t, Real Estate Protest. If you have a chance read the comments on the link. This is very serious issue. Broker’s of America lets unite behind this protest.

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