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Here are just a few thoughts and questions for my blog readers.

1. If you put your money into the stock market, are you investing in the fundamentals of a company or are you betting on what the govt will do?

2. Should we nationalize banks?

3. Is the Administration winging it?

4. Do agree with loan modification loans for those in trouble? Or do think if this crisis proves nothing else, it proves you cannot help people by lending them more money than they can pay back.

5. Did you know for 30 plus years 64% of Americans were homeowners and in the last 4-5 years that number jumped to 72%

6. Did you know yesterday, the number of people receiving unemployment benefits rose close to 5 million, the highest since records began.

7. The big question……Do you think Fed’s stimulus package will save the economy? And if so, how long will it take?

8. The bigger question…..Will Boston real estate brokers sell more Boston condos this year than last year.

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