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With downtown Boston entering phase 3 of reopening its doors as restrictions are loosened during the coronavirus pandemic, it may be a challenge to identify if a public place is a really clean and safe environment. Despite new cleaning procedures, some places may never be clean enough given the amount of human interaction and germ transmission on a typical day. Even healthy indoor air quality is a huge factor in this public health crisis as the disease has been proven to travel through droplets.

Boston Commercial Office Space

Offices are known for high traffic in a condensed space and most employees touch hundreds of surfaces in the office each day. Although new guidelines will require proper cleaning of all common areas, it will only take one person carrying coronavirus to wreak havoc on the space.

Boston Public transportation

On the Boston T and trains, you’ve had hundreds of people holding the same railings on public transportation. On top of that, the riders are packed into close quarters. Even if the trains and buses are disinfected at the end of every day, by late morning they’ll be dirty or contaminated again.

Unless you count on every single rider wearing a mask and sanitizing their hands before grabbing a pole on the subway, it’s unlikely that a clean space will be guaranteed.

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