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tiger woods mel evans for ap

Many have speculated Tiger Woods has a tough time keeping his commitments – well perhaps not his banker.

In a story reported by TMZ, Tiger Woods has taken out a $54.5 million mortgage for a brand-new mansion he’s building on Jupiter Island, Fla. And no “go-for-the-adjustable-rate-and-pray” route for Tiger; no, he intends to pay back the loan by Jan. 15, 2016. (See, folks? That’s sound financial strategy. If you’ve got a spare $54 million lying around, go ahead and get your mortgage paid off.)

You can get a look at the full tiger_loan right here (PDF format, and remember, this is all public record.) Among the findings:

• This consolidates Woods’ holdings in three properties on Jupiter Island, Fla. Woods is listed as “a single man,” and for the record, his real first name is “Eldrick,” not “Tiger.”

• At standard interest rates, Woods will pay about $1 million a month in mortgage payments.

File Under: I don’t think Tiger needs to sweat out his monthly mortgage payments.

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