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Tips For Keeping Your Luxury Condo Clean And Tidy All The Time

In a survey of 2,000 people by OfferUp, 70% of respondents say cleaning gives them a feeling of accomplishment, and 61% say it makes them feel less stressed, according to Good Housekeeping. One of the perks of living in a condo is that you don’t need to employ a maid to keep your space organized and clean. Whether you’re a busy executive who works from home or spends most time traveling for business, you can maintain clean rooms by yourself. The trick to keeping your luxury condo clean and tidy all the time entails maintaining a home free of clutter. Below are practical condo maintenance tips you should follow.

Embrace A Minimalist Lifestyle

Keeping the things you need most is one of the best ways to maintain stylish apartment interiors. After all, the more items you have, the more disorganized your home will look. With this in mind, avoid unnecessary purchases and have a strict organization process. Get into the habit of decluttering your home often and organize what you need in storage solutions.

Clean As You Go

In compact homes like condos, it’s wise to clean as you go. Avoid piling dishes and laundry, and don’t allow dust to collect on hard surfaces. To ensure cleaning as you go is manageable after a busy day, keep all your cleaning supplies in an easy-to-reach place. Consider washing dishes as you cook or vacuum the carpet while you listen to your favorite talk show. Investing in high-quality cleaning equipment is also a sure way of simplifying cleaning tasks. For example, the best portable carpet cleaners by House Advice enable you to remove stains from rugs and other upholstery fast. Moreover, handling and storing these machines requires less effort.  

Schedule Deep Cleaning Tasks

Clean as you go is an effective technique of maintaining cleanliness in your luxury condo, but there are places like window blinds and frames, behind toilets, and above cabinets, you skip every day. To prevent dirt from accumulating in these places, set aside time for deep cleaning. While dedicating one weekend for general cleaning sounds ideal, consider creating a cleaning schedule. That way, you can deep clean your bedroom and bathroom every week, change your linens and curtains every two weeks and clean the fridge once a month with ease.

Ensuring your lavish apartment looks elegant all the time isn’t difficult. You only need to keep things minimal, clean as you go, and have a deep cleaning schedule. Also, don’t forget to replace AC filters regularly to maintain quality indoor air.

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