Most people outside of Beacon Hill or unfamiliar with Boston real estate probably don’t think an average-sized studio or 400 sq fr 1 bedroom is big enough for one person, let lone two, but I am here to tell you that two people can make a studio or small one bedroom Beacon Hill apartment work for them, if you can follow what I like to call the rules of Beacon Hill living.

First find a Beacon Hill apartment with a separate kitchen or large walk-in closet

I think it’s critical for any couple to have some space in the Beacon Hill apartment  to have some privacy. This could mean a studio with a separate sleeping alcove, a small nook meant for a desk, or a walk-in closet. 

Don’t worry it gets better, keep reading.

Buy really good headphones

Studios or one bedroom Beacon Hill apartments and good headphones may not seem like they go hand-in-hand, but when you’re sharing a common space with a significant other, the option to go read in bed while the other watches a TV show is nonexistent. 

Wireless headphones that connects to a TV via Bluetooth—so you can indulge on TV viewing anytime and allow your partner to sleep, or study, without any distraction

Buy smart light bulbs

This gives you the ability to control the color and brightness of each individual bulb, so I can have dim mood lighting while I watch TV on the couch but your partner needs bright light for studying in bed. The color option is great too because if one’s sleeping and wants darkness you can control the brightness.

Use furniture to divide the space 

Depending on the size of your Beacon Hill apartment it’s best to arrange furniture, especially the furniture in the living space, so that it creates separate living areas.

This setup not allows one to do your own thing in the same space while making it feel larger, but it’s also great for hosting friends. Even though sometimes a friend will take the liberty of sitting on our bed, it divides the space well enough to create a sort of boundary for guests. 

Keep it clean and uncluttered 

Do I need to say more

Find a way to spend time alone

If you have one of those bad days at work before you enter your Beacon Hill apartment, full of rage and ready to scream. I would recommend rent out a bike on Charles Street and get all your anger out while enjoying the views of the Charles River before meeting up with your partner.

Be flexible! 

Sometimes you’ll find you want to do one thing and your partner wants to do another and there’s no shortcut or technology that will sort it out for you.

It’s times like this when you have to be flexible.

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