Using the Nascar method to bring back Boston condo sellers and buyers

The best way to bring back the Boston condo for sale market is to borrow an approach from NASCAR – it’s called the rolling start.

What is the Rolling Start Method?

This is a method that’s used at the beginning of a race, or when a race has been stalled by a crash. After a pile-up, drivers don’t just head back on to the course full-speed ahead. Instead, they work up to it, following a pace car around the track at a reduced speed a number of times until everyone is warmed up and ready to accelerate. This tactic means that drivers’ stress levels are minimized and crashes are vastly reduced, making it far safer than a dead start.

How does this apply to the Boston condo for sale market?

This rolling start approach is exactly how the downtown Boston condo market should acclimate to a new normal. Everything may have come to a sudden crashing halt when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, but the Boston real estate is going to experience pent-up demand once this storm passes. By using a rolling start method and slowing rolling in Boston condo buyers and sellers back into the market is the best method.

Taking this time to warm up properly means that you the Beacon Hill condo buyer or Seaport condo sellers won’t risk crashing or burning out your engine when the race to restart buying and selling Boston real estate begins.

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