The Boston Courant has a front page article (sorry no link) that provides a deeper insight on the W bankruptcy court ruling. Apparently the U.S.  Banruptcy  Court Judge left the door open to Prudential Insurance to revive its foreclosure case down the road.

In order to meet the Judge Feeney’s goals the Boston W marketing team will have to come close to tripling the number of luxury condos it sells each month.

At last count, 94 of the Boston W Residences 123 condos are unsold. The new reorganization plan for the W calls for boosting sales to two a month for the next six months, followed by liitle over three a month for the balance. Presently, the  Boston W luxury condo Residences have been averaging one a month or 29 condos over roughly 27 months. This isn’t go to be easy, but if anybody can do it its Kevin Ahearn.

What are your thoughts, do you think the Boston W marketing team will pull it off?

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