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It is Friday and I skipped going into my Beacon Hill real estate office today. I hear It’s pretty quiet in downtown Boston these days, there isn’t any skating too cold for that. The Patriots are no longer in the playoffs so even the bars are quite.

I haven’t been in the downtown Financial District since last spring. I heard its a ghost town There is a lot of vacant office and retail space. Except I heard the grocery stories are still busy in Boston.

Maybe I will go into work, I’m already bored. This working from home, doesn’t really work for me.

Boston condos for sale
Boston condos for sale in 2022

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Results of a very interesting poll were released and they polled a bunch of people who have moved out of Massachusetts over the past several years, to find out their motivation.

Basically, people moved out of Massachusetts to New Hampshire to save money, to Texas and North Carolina for better jobs, and to Florida for the weather.

There’s plenty of grist for the mill on all sides – those who think housing is too expensive, those who think people are leaving Massachusetts for jobs, those who think Massachusetts is an enclave of dangerous liberal thinking, and those who think people move because they don’t like winter.

Selling my Boston condo because its too cold

The top reason people gave for leaving Massachusetts was a better job, followed by the cost of housing, family ties, and the weather. In a separate set of questions, 50 percent of those surveyed said the cost of housing was a ”major factor,” and a better job was cited as a ”major factor” by 39 percent.


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Boston condos for sale


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