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From the Boston Herald:

The BRA has put its official stamp of approval on roughly 800 local artists, who are “certified” as the real thing. A BRA spokeswoman said the authority hopes to certify 1,200 artists by the end of the year.

To get access to the space, artists must go through a certification process and demonstrate to a panel of peers selected by the city, that they are indeed artists.

But for skeptics, this bares too close a resemblance to the old Soviet Union, where only state-sanctioned artists could ply their trade.

“It seems awfully totalitarian to have the state, the city or any government agency decide who is an artist,” said one respected Fort Point artist, who added that she will never go near the list.

[Tim] Murdoch likes the program, but worries it’s been expanded beyond its initial mission.

“I think it’s too broad,” Murdoch said. “They’ve set up criteria that allows different types to come in. There are writers, photographers, graphic designers, architects.”

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Updated: January 2018

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