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The following information is from the local MLS database, as of January 7, 2006.

Total # of condos: 2130
Average # of days on market: 91

Lowest priced condo in city of Boston: $85,000
Median priced condo in city of Boston (20 listings): $389,000
Highest priced condo in city of Boston: 13,995,000
Average priced condo in city of Boston: $557,407

My take: Most agents in downtown Boston (Back Bay, South End, etc.) used to use the LINK database to research listings, online.  Over the past year to 18 months, more and more agents have turned to MLS, as it has improved its interface and usability(?!).  It’s only been recently that analysis of data from MLS was accurate and useful.

For example, a year ago, on January 7, 2005, MLS had 1172 condos on the market in the city of Boston.  Certainly, things have slowed down, since last January, but I think the difference in number of units is a result of more agents using MLS.

Why does the above data differ from LINK?  For the reason I mention.  MLS will have more listings from the outer neighborhoods (Roslindale, West Roxbury, etc.) and less from downtown Boston.  This is why the median price listed in LINK this week was $100,000 more than in MLS.

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Updated: January 2018

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