Below is a report of sales and listing activity for the past week.

Information is derived from LINK, the online database that is used by most Boston real estate agents.

New listings: 243
Back on market (listings that went under agreement but deals fell through): 20
Price changes (almost always downward, but some go up): 107
Under agreements: 169
Off market (variety of reasons, but sometimes these are old listings that never sell): 25

My opinion: Another excellent week.  Strong number of new listings, excellent number of under agreements.  Notice that for every four that come on the market, three are going under agreement.  I think that reflects a very healthy market.  If back on markets and off markets cross each other out, then there should be 25% more listings on the market, each week.  In time, of course, those will either go under agreement or come off the market, as well.



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