The Globe visits the South End to take in all its great restaurants, bars, and shops.

First, some history:

The South End was created in the 1840s by landfill, on what was a narrow isthmus connecting Boston to the mainland. In the 1850s, according to the South End Historical Society, London-style squares with brick bowfront town houses were built to attract the mercantile class. Soon after, commercial avenues like Columbus were built in Parisian boulevard style. After suffering from neglect, arson, and economic setbacks through the 1970s, the area blossomed into a highly desirable place to visit and live.

Which differs from what you’ll find, today:

“In the past four years there’s been a boom of children in the neighborhood,” said Carmen Kuru. Owners of Code 10 Café, Kuru and her husband, Zafer, recently opened Kiwi Baby on Washington Street. This two-level shop offers apparel, furnishings, toys, and even baby strollers – the same strollers that are seen everywhere on streets and in restaurants once dominated by rainbow flags and well-dressed men. On Clarendon Street, Tadpole sells toys, clothing, books, and bath accessories for the youngest South End residents.

We all live in heaven!

Source: In full bloom – By Necee Regis, The Boston Globe

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