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The Globe profiles West Roxbury in today’s real estate section.

Once the host for a 19th-century egalitarian community, this neighborhood has since evolved into what is often called the most suburban section of Boston.

Block upon block of single-family homes radiate from the commercial centers along Centre and Washington streets, which are lined with many locally owned small businesses.

“Its tree-lined streets and single-family homes give it a suburban feel in an urban setting,” is how the Boston Redevelopment Authority describes it.

There are 28,000 residents in West Roxbury; that’s about the size of a big town or a small city.

For comparison, 7.2 miles from Boston to the South puts you on Squantum Street, in Milton. And, 7.2 miles from Boston to the North puts you on Dale Street, in Everett.

My point being, Boston’s too big. And, the interests and concerns of those in neighborhoods such as West Roxbury, Roslindale, and Hyde Park (hi, Mayor!) are not shared by those in Central Boston.

Do we need to de-annex?

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