What a Beacon Hill Realtor is learning about the Millennials

As a Beacon Hill Realtor, learning what the millennial generation is seeking in the Boston real estate market, has been very informative. You may not realize it, but millennials are one of the largest buyers in the Boston real estate market today. As such, whether you’re a Boston condo seller or Beacon Hill apartment landlord, you should understand how this generation selects a home in downtown Boston.

Time Spent Researching Boston Condos and Apartments 

Millennials are researchers and planners. They grew up with access to the internet from a young age and are used to having information at their fingertips. As a result, they tend to look at many options before settling on a Beacon Hill Realtor, Boston condo broker, or a place to call home. Many millennials are moving from their parents’ home to a Boston downtown condo of their own, so they don’t have to rush. They learn about different Boston neighborhoods, price points, and housing opportunities before they commit. 

Boston Condo Sellers Need Concentrate on Online

This younger generation spends significant time looking at Boston real estate options online before they even consider inspecting a property in person. They not only utilize technology to learn about potential Boston condos for sale or Beacon Hill apartments, but also about other helpful details such as nearby amenities, public transport options, and general neighborhood details. 

I’ve learned, If you want to get the attention of millennials, you must put information about your Boston condo for sale online where they’ll see it with videos. Don’t just slap up a generic description and post a single photograph if you want to get results. Millennials expect to see many quality photos and videos of properties, plus floor plans. Post graphics that give clear insights into the interior and exterior of your home, all with proper lighting, focus, and sense of dimension. Tech-savvy millennials won’t settle for less. 

It’s wise, too, to incorporate daily updates of Boston real estate blog strategies. Millennials use updated Boston real estate blogs to research and make purchasing decisions on all manner of things, including South Boston condos and Beacon Hill apartments. This means you want the agent you hire to sell your Boston condo for sale or to rent your Beacon Hill apartment to have a solid Google Review reputation and be available to answer questions via a multitude of methods, including messages sent via text, email, cell phone, etc. Agents, and even you, as the seller or landlord, can also leverage blog content and apps to attract young buyers.

Quality Appliances and Tech Upgrades in the Boston Condo for Sale or Rent

Millennials grew up surrounded by technology and live on their smartphones, so they expect to see updated appliances, excellent connectivity, and other smart tech products in the Midtown condo or Beacon Hill condo they inspect. Upon entering properties, younger people usually check straight away to see if they have service on their devices and then look around for integrated smart-home gadgets such as thermostats, lights, locks, fridges, etc. 

I know many Beacon Hill apartment landlords that worry about installing expensive modern fixtures in their apartments, due to not only the upfront costs but also potential ongoing fees (e.g. repair costs). However, adding these elements to your property can help you rent your Beacon Hill apartment sooner, with over 160 Beacon Hill apartments presently available for rent (and growing) this is essential. 

Interest in Beacon Hill Homes 

Although millennials are incredibly tech-savvy, this doesn’t mean they don’t have an interest in history. Younger generations often want to live in Beacon Hill real estate that features the charm of yesteryear, with historic, period details, and older architectural styles. In particular, millennials tend to have a fondness for Boston’s rich history that distinguishes us from other major cities (i.e NYC).

Beacon Hill Condo Sellers and Beacon Hill Apartment Landlords

If you have a Beacon Hill condo for sale that has historical credentials, mentioned above, make sure your Beacon Hill Realtor brings up the features in chats with younger renters and buyers. 

Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

Learning about the millennial market is essential in this day and age if you want to rent your Beacon Hill apartment or sell your Beacon Hill home quickly and for the best price. The more you know about this important market segment, the better. Contact Janet Lamb a Beacon Hill Realtor at 617-721-9504. 

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