Today, I read Time magazine and here are some numbers that you might find interesting.

* 20% of U.S. 4 year-olds are obese in U.S.

* 1,000% percentage increase in U.S. Twitter visits from 2/1/08 – 2/1/09. Some 4 million Americans visit per month.

* 17th Where the U.S. places on U.N. ranking of worldwide use of information in technology, down from 6th spot in 2002.

* 32.7 hrs. avg. time to complete a standard 1040 income tax form.

* In 1918, only 5% of Amercians earned enough to file returns.

* In 1950’s, two Missouri brothers launched H&R Block and by 1978 were responsible for 1 in 9 returns, today the rate is 1 in 7 returns.

*There are some 400,000 Certified Public Accountants in the U.S.

* Last year 60,000 individuals earned an accounting degree.

* A pint of Guinness has less calories than a 12 once bud. (Okay, that I didn’t read in Time magazine but the bartender at Christophers in Porter Sq told me that while I was waiting for my take-out order).