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What I wanted to say to a Boston condo broker – But I didn’t

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What I wanted to say to a Boston condo broker – But I didn’t

Before I tell you this story, let me say can we all just soak up this warm February weather. I’m actually typing this Boston Real Estate Blog post outside in my backyard.

One of the things I enjoy doing is making my daily observation’s into an enjoyable moments. But sometimes, I need to to be careful that I don’t do this at the expense of another Boston real estate agent. Case in point.

The Scenario: I’m with another Boston real estate agent waiting for a client to show a Beacon Hill apartment.

Me: I must say your hair looks very nice today. (Already, regretting I said that)

Beacon Hill agent: Well, thank-you. I had my hair done yesterday.

Me: Look, our Beacon Hill apartment client is here.

Me:  What I wanted to say. I think we can both can agree hairdressers are the unsung heroes of our society. Especially, for those who look at a picture of celebrities hair and say that they want it to look like that, and not laughing in their faces.

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