What you should do when you move into your new Seaport condo? Moving into your first Seaport condo can be both exciting and nerve-wracking—exciting because you finally have a place to call your own and nerve-wracking because buying Boston real estate comes with it a whole new level of responsibility. From having to repair the plumbing on your own to arranging home insurance, there are certain duties you must perform that you may have never performed before. Here at the Boston Real Estate Blog will share with you a few tips you can use to make the transition from renter to Seaport condo owner a seamless one.

Change Your Mailing Address

The easy and temporary fix to getting your mail involves going to the USPS website and opting to have your mail forwarded. However, forwarding only lasts for a few months, so you will eventually need to inform all utility companies, creditors, banks, family members and far-away acquaintances of your new Seaport condo address

Establish Internet

You may be able to live without your sofa and dining table for a few weeks, but if you’re like most people, you’ll go crazy without internet after just a few hours. As a Boston real estate company we suggest setting up your new connection in advance of your move-in date.

Change the Locks

You have no idea how many people have lived in your Seaport condominium prior to you, which means you have no idea how many people have the keys to your locks. On move-in day, arrange to meet with a locksmith to change all the bolts.

Pack a “First Day” Box

Much like the internet, there are some things you cannot go without for more than a few short hours. Put your toothbrush, bath towels, shower curtain, hair brush, favorite coffee mug, coffee pot and a few other essentials into an easily accessible box for your first day in your new Seaport condo

Plug in the Refrigerator

Make sure your refrigerator is nice and cool by the time you move in, that way you don’t risk spoiling food during your move. After buying a Seaport condo for sale, you may not want to spend a ton of money replacing meats, dairy, condiments and veggies.

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