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Funny thing is, you need to be careful what you say, or at least be very specific as to what happened.

From the New York Times:

In the insurance world, there are three types of stealing: burglary, which requires evidence of forced entry; theft, which requires only that something have gone missing; and robbery, which is the same as theft but with a victim present — that is, you were home during the crime.

If there’s no forced entry, then, well, most likely, you’re out of luck.

Theft is not covered, most of the time, because, of course, there’s no way for an insurance company to prove that you didn’t just lose the stuff, and/or that you are lying (not that you would ever do that, of course).

The NY Times article is about a couple in Brooklyn who found out, the hard way, that their insurance coverage was not as complete as they thought.

The husband had apparently left the backdoor to their home unlocked. A criminal came in and stole $15,000 worth of jewelry. Or, so they say.

This raises two points. One, make sure you get insurance, and make sure you understand what it covers.

More importantly, make sure you list all of your property, individually, especially if you own high-ticket items such as jewelry. You may very well need additional coverage.

I, for example, have hundreds, if not thousands, of compact discs. We have extra coverage for them.

More information: What’s That Word for Taking Stuff? – By Hope Reeves, The New York Times

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