Want to really understand what’s going on in the subprime / foreclosure crisis gripping parts of the nation?

I’m sorry to say you won’t find anything about it in the local “mainstream” media (much as I had that term).

I have not seen anything about what is going on in our own backyard in either the Boston Globe or Boston Herald.

The Herald did an article a month or two ago. I believe it was written by Scott Van Voorhis, and it talked about a woman with kids who was being evicted from her home because her landlord had defaulted on his/her loan and the bank was going to repossess.

It made the front page, but it didn’t really give you a lot of content or help you understand the crisis at all, did it?

The real “crime” here is that we’re not getting the full picture.

I’m no reporter, so it’s not as if you are going to get details or all the information from me, right?

I mention this only because I came across a couple articles in the Dorchester Reporter covering the issue which in two stories pretty much summarizes what we’re up against, here.

It is very unlikely that the national subprime / foreclosure crisis will hit the city of Boston hard … I just don’t see it spreading beyond areas in the lower-income, “marginal” neighborhoods of Dorchester, East Boston, an Roslindale. So far, at least, the public record supports my theory.

In case you didn’t get my point, let me say it again – the local media is (are?) missing this thing, entirely.

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