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Fan Pier

* Redfin is rumored to be coming to Massachusetts.

* Sellsius Real Estate – whatever happened to them? It’s now a website (and blog) in search of a company!

* YooD4 rebranded as D4 (I missed this, when it was announced last week)

* Someone posted a comment to my blog, somewhere, saying they hate Coldwell Banker. Sorry, my friend. You must have had a bad experience. Mostly, they are good people. Tell us more.

* Last week, Beacon Capital Partners announced they were throwing in the towel on plans to redevelop a bunch of properties in the Fort Point Channel area. What was left out of the story was that Beacon Capital Partners has also put the John Hancock building up for sale (and the “old” Hancock tower, too), along with several billion dollars worth of property, across the country. Pulling out of FPC isn’t necessarily a sign of retrenchment, in the area.

* Renderings of the first two buildings proposed for Fan Pier have been released. Yay, brick!

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Updated: January 2018

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