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What’s Up with “Up”?

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What’s Up with “Up”?

I seemed to be mixed up about “up”. Look up “up” in a dictionary (or Google it up) and you’ll find about 30 definitions. It’s easy to understand “up,” meaning, looking up toward the blue sky, but when I awaken in the morning to go to my real estate office, why do I wake up? When you Google Boston real estate why does a Boston condos come up, when I find the right home for a client I speak up. Than I have my assistant writes a condo comp report up.

Once I’m done with work. I often call friends up, this brightens their day up. Yesterday, I had to clean my home up, I vacuumed the living room up, I than cleaned the kitchen up. After all my chores were done, I was hungry so I heated up leftovers. From there I rode to the local pub and ordered a pint, after a few pints I paid up my tab.

I than rode my bike up the hill back to my home, I than locked my bike up. Mona woke up from nap and asked how my day was, I went on and on, and finally she told me to shut up

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