I don’t want to ruin your St. Patricks Day celebration. But here’s some sad irish news. For over 20 years The Purple Shamrock has been located near the entrance of Fanuiel Hall.

Not anymore….The building that the Shamrock Pub is located in has been sold. And my sources informed me the lease won’t be renewed. So what’s moving in? This will make you want to cry in your beer.

A BANK. I’m so upset about these banks moving into Boston’s nabs in which they’re not wanted, that I needed to do something about it. As a result, I’m fighting back. I just purchased the domain name from GoDaddy.com called: “notanotherbank.com”

Why? As I said – I’m mad. To give you another example: A large national bank wants to move into my neighborhood on Charles Street on Beacon Hill. As a result, a small food store business in operation for over 20 years may go out of business. I’m very connected to this neighborhood and I can tell you nobody wants this bank to occupy one of the best corners on Charles Street. But all indications are that this national bank has the political strenght to make it happen, and so it more than likely will.

As stated – another large banks wants to take over The Purple Shamrock Pub, which is in one of Boston’s best tourist locations. I say hell no.

I purchased the domain name “notanotherbank.com” and if I build this site, which would be a bank petition web site, would you be willing to sign it?

File Under: Let’s stop our TARP money from killing small businesses owners.

BTW – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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