When is the best time to buy Boston real estate? Boston real estate in the downtown area carries some obvious risks. Getting your timing right can minimize some of these risks and lead to a nice profit on your Boston condo. That said, there are several ways to look at timing. Let’s explore them.

Timing throughout the Year

Buying Boston real estate can be drastically different in January compared with June—at least in most of the United States. Especially in Boston with snow and cold weather to get in the way of Boston real estate sales. So, fortunately, October and early November window is here where Boston condo buyers such as you can swoop in and buy a property for a nice price. If you’re looking to invest later, though, winter is a great time to buy as well.

Allying Yourself with Realtors

The best Realtors in Boston have inside knowledge on which properties are about to come on the market. They also know about localized trends and nuances that can affect timing. For instance, take Beacon Hill condos for sale. Maybe there’s talk about a rehab going up or well-founded rumors about a condo development starting soon. A Realtor can get you in on a good investment property early. Make alliances with Realtors. They’ll help you.

The Best Time Is Now

A lack of Boston condos for sale make for an incredibly competitive market. Supply is tight, while demand is high. The prices of homes, condos and townhouses keep rising, and the trend may continue for the next couple of years, if not longer.

Right now is really the best time to invest in residential real estate. It’s not too late to make a good investment, no matter your goals. Remember: If you’re not doing anything now, that’s time where you aren’t making money. Please remember we have historic low interest rates.

Ford Realty Inc., can help you pinpoint your goals and find the right investment property. We’ll work with you on the best timing—contact us today!

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