At some point in their lives, many people end up moving out of big cities.

Sometimes, it’s because they get married (or co-habitated) and need more space.

But, othertimes, they just move because they don’t want to deal with city-life, anymore.

From Details magazine:

It can start with a stolen car stereo or an upstairs neighbor who sounds like Lord of the Dance. Often it’s the birth of a child that does it. Sometimes it’s just the smells of other people’s cooking, other people’s garbage, other people.


To say all the cool people are moving to the ‘burbs would be an overstatement. For hard-core city types, the idea of settling in suburbia is a death sentence. Life without 24-hour Thai delivery, backstage passes to the Buckethead show, and the occasional Stan Brakhage retrospective is hardly a life at all.

Where does Details say you should go if you’re outgrowing downtown Boston?

Waltham. The “hippest” suburb, as they say.

Is it Time to Move to the Suburbs? – By David Hochman, Details magazine

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