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Yes, I’m a real estate broker, and yes, I think you should always use a real estate broker when buying a home.  And, yes, I think you should always use a real estate broker when selling your home.

Having said that, if you should decide to sell on your own, here are a bunch of places you can post your listing, online.

First off, I don’t like some sites; I think they’re kind of cheesy.  (I said cheesy, not sleezy.)  They don’t handle that many condos, so it’s not like you’d probably end up posting there, anyway.  I just think they’re website looks like it was designed by a 14-year old.  If I was a buyer looking to buy directly from a seller, I wouldn’t think to go there.  Sellers look bad, by association.  I just think people who post there are sellers who are cheap.

I do like the websites popping up all over the place where you can post your own listing.

Of course, there’s You can post your listing there, for free, complete with photos.  You can post open house information, as well.

A new service that just started up, in Boston, at least, is It’s an “imitation” of craigslist (well, alright, it’s a flat out steal of concept and design).  You can post for free, there, too.

There’s a new website starting up on the west coast,; It’s all secret, hush-hush, but it’s supposed to be all about real estate and listings and a “new kind of online real estate service”.  Really, how “new” can it be?  It’s text and pictures, just like everything else on the internet, right?

The most recent addition to the world of real estate advertising is from Google.  They’re a small internet company out in California that’s put together a funky little service at  Basically, you can post a listing about anything, for free.  People are predicting that it’s going to be a massive online classified advertising site.  We’ll see.  As of now, if you type in “Boston real estate” you don’t get much in the way of listings, or anything.

If you are thinking of selling, online, you might also seriously consider starting up a Google Adwords account. You’ll need a personal website, as well, to host a webpage of information on your listing.  You could just create a blog for your listing.

Adwords allows you to create your own little ads, you know, the ones that show up in the right-hand column whenever you do a search on Google?  So, if you were selling a loft in Boston, you can set it up so that whenever someone types in a search for “boston lofts”, your ad shows up in the right-hand column.  You pay Google anytime someone clicks through on your ad.  Figure it’ll cost you about $.50 or so per click.  Don’t fear that people will go crazy and just click at random.  I’ve used it for advertising campaigns, and set a limit of $10 a day, or so, and had great success.  If you’re selling your home, that’s $300 for a month of advertising, from which I bet you would get a good response.

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