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Which Boston neighborhood is right for you: tips to help you make up your mind

Boston is as diverse as an old city can be – its neighborhoods and suburbs attract a vast variety of new residents each year. They are adding their special fresh imprint to the culture of this historic city. Most of the newcomers are students seeking higher education on one of several prestigious universities and professionals focused on job opportunities in the Boston Metro area. Students, professionals, and families alike look for something different in their ideal neighborhoods. The capital of Massachusetts offers something for everybody’s taste: it is up to you to decide which Boston neighborhood suits you (and your pocket) best.

That Boston neighborhood you will still love by the end of the month

No matter how you crunch the numbers, it is clear, Boston is not among the most affordable cities in the U.S. On the contrary, it follows New York and San Francisco as one of the cities with the most expensive rent and living costs. Hence it doesn’t surprise that most of the new residents are looking for an apartment now, with more affordable rent due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although, the economy is reopening and the prices are not likely to change much, implying that you’ll hardly find a one-bedroom below $1800.

A most prominent factor raising the rental price is the demand. The limited offer is based on the fact that Boston is an old city with not much space for new construction and expansion. Those who wish to move to the area should either settle in one of the close by suburbs or be ready to pay between $2500 and $3500 on average for a one-bedroom. So, is there a Boston neighborhood or suburb that won’t put you under rent burden? Unlikely, unless you are a student and enjoy subsidized housing or earn more than $90k annually.

  • Dorchester. The largest Boston’s neighborhood, Dorchester is a melting pot where cultural, architectural (and culinary) attractions coexist in dynamic balance.

  • Back Bay. This gorgeous oceanfront neighborhood is at the heart of Boston. Rent prices are less gorgeous, but its Charles River views, brownstones, famous restaurants and commercial strips, Charles River Esplanade, and the beautiful historic buildings are worth it.

  • Charlestown. The oldest Boston neighborhood with Irish-American roots is a historic waterfront area attractive to both young professionals and families. If you are a fan of picnics and peaceful living, you will love this small-town vibe within the Boston city limits.

  • North End. For the most part, Boston’s North End is lined by family-owned apartment buildings and condominiums. This vibrant neighborhood is proud of its colonial history and Italian roots. The latter being responsible for numerous cafes, bakeries, and restaurants. 

  • Fenway. Baseball lovers will cordially embrace the opportunity to live in this stadium-centered neighborhood. But Fenway is known and recognized for its dualities. It is a place where sport meets fine arts, historic apartments meet new construction, some of the best eateries as well as the best nightlife venues.

  • Beacon Hill. History-rich, elegant, and peaceful are words that best describe Beacon Hill. Gas lamps shining upon cobblestone streets lined with brownstones and historic row houses, give this neighborhood a noble and romantic look. Note that moving assistance from different parts of Massachusetts is worth it if you choose to call this Boston Neighborhood your new home.

  • Somerville. Somerville is a town bare minutes away from Boston and Cambridge both. It provides easy access to all Boston amenities and at the same time offers charming single-family homes, cycling paths and bikeable streets, comedy clubs, and foodie landscape other Boston neighborhoods can envy.

  • Jamaica Plain. The greenest Boston neighborhood takes pride in its culinary scene. However, it is not attractive only to foodies, but many resident artists. Social activism and neighborhood associations are a trademark of this eclectic area.

  • South Boston. “Southie” is devoted to Boston sports, that much is obvious at first sight. Its residents, however, get to enjoy much more than that, including long beaches, local pubs, waterfront parks, and a true vibe of old-school Boston.

Tips to help you out choosing the right Boston neighborhood

Recent predictions for the Boston condo market are positive and the outlook is encouraging for both renters and landlords. However, before you move to the City on the Hill, review your checklist or make one if you still don’t have it. It should contain the most important factors that define your perfect Boston neighborhood. Namely, ask yourself if the neighborhood or suburb you have set your eyes upon has the following qualities.

  • How close your potential home is from your work? Residents of Boston rely greatly on means of public transportation and it would be advisable to look for a home close to one of the lines of public transit.

  • Does the feel of the neighborhood suit your lifestyle? There are some things you can’t figure out during an online search no matter how extensive it is. Explore the neighborhoods in person and talk to the potential neighbors, store workers, and everybody else you will surely meet daily. Visit the neighborhood at different times of the day and take note of who mingles there. If you are after a close-knit community, vibrant nightlife, family-friendly atmosphere, or peaceful and laidback vibe, a longer visit is the best way to find it.

  • Explore the job opportunities in the trades you specialized in. The job market is volatile at the time being, and even if you have a secure job now, you need to think long-term. The best you can do to ensure some kind of continual stability is to move to the area that has a good employment perspective. The closer to the hub, the better your starting point should the unpleasant happen.

  • Are the schools in your preferred area good enough for your standards? Moving with kids doesn’t focus only on family-friendly amenities. Luckily, schools in the Boston area are among the best in the nation, and there are a great many opportunities for quality education. Boston is famous for its high density of prestigious universities.

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