Did you really think Boston Real Estate Blog would go all morning long without trying to get a piece of the Whitey Bulger-arrest story?

Well, we have a real estate angle all right. White was arrested in what’s described as a luxury apartment complex on the 1000 block of Santa Monica, which puts it right in downtown Santa Monica, only a few blocks away from the ocean. Sure beats a maximum security prison.

Bulger apparently had a big stash of cash in his apartment when caught.

No information yet on what he was paying for the apartment, whether he had an at-will lease, whether he got a discount for paying cash, Etc. But Boston REB will get to the bottom of it. You can count on it.

File under: Dragnet

Breaking news update — It was a rent-controlled apartment complex for the elderly, according to a crack U-Mass grad now living in L.A.

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