Why does the Boston Fire Department have such a backlog of requests for smoke inspections, the inspection that must take place prior to any property exchange hands in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts?

Boston.com has the answer.

“Inspections are complex,” Boston Fire Marshal Bart Shea says. “You can’t just grab a guy from the street to come in temporarily, and there are also budget issues involved. Ideally, I’d like to have more, but over the years, the city has had to make cuts.”

Uh. Perhaps.

Here’s what happens during a smoke inspection of a condominium in Boston. The firefighter takes a pole and pushes the end of it against the test button on the smoke detector. He then sits down and fills out a one page form. He then reaches over to take your $50 money order.

This, after making you wait two hours for him to show up, because they only give you 3 1/2 hour windows of time.

Which part of that is “complex”? Making sure the cap is off the pen before you use it?

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Updated March 2018

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