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 While there are many reasons your Charles River Park condo doesn’t sell, we find there are really three umbrella reasons why: Google marketing, a buyer’s shopping experience and letting emotions get in the way. Our Why Your Charles River Park Condo Won’t Sell in 2020 blog post will cover all of these reasons in detail.

Just like shopping for anything else, a buyer’s shopping experience matters. That’s why Nordstrom plays soft music, has comfortable chairs and keeps their stores at a comfortable temperature at all time – you want to make the buyer linger over your home’s online listing as well as in the Boston condo for sale itself when they see it. The more they research your Charles River Park condo, the more they will start to see themselves living there. If you’re looking to sell your Boston downtown condo quickly and for top dollar, make sure you avoid these common pitfalls.

There Aren’t Enough Photos or the Photos are Bad

Online experience and shopping have come a long way.  Boston condo buyers are accustomed to researching and evaluating a purchase online first. So you have to think of the photos and your online marketing as your Charles River Park condo first showing. The better the photos, the more excited Boston condo buyers will be about getting in their car to tour it in-person. Poor photos are a poor representation of your Boston condo for sale and even if it shows well in person, you will lose many buyers who rule it out online.

Additionally, downtown Boston in particular attracts many relocation buyers, so some can’t tour your home in person easily. To help those buyers, we use a 3D tour that allows buyers to walk through your home virtually from their computers. This tour has helped attract more qualified in-person showings, so sellers don’t prepare for in-person showings from people who aren’t serious about their homes.

Your Charles River Park Condo Broker’s Website can’t be found on Google

Coupled with good photos, and this is important, can you find your brokers website if you type in Charles River Park condos into Google? If not why? At the time of this posting two of my websites are on page 1 of Google for the term(s) “Charles River Park condos” or Charles River Park condos for sale” or some variation thereof. The two websites are and

BTW, presently one of my agents presently has one Charles River Park Under Agreement with a close date at the end of the month. Good way to start the Spring 2020 season.

You Don’t Prepare For Showings

Dirty dishes, laundry on the floor, pet odors are all things that a buyer notices. When they come into a home that wasn’t prepared to show, they often ask themselves what else is wrong with the house. Think of this as walking into a clothing store that wasn’t organized overnight. You aren’t going to sort through a mess and neither will home buyers.

You Won’t Let Anyone Inside to See It

We all know showing your home is inconvenient. The only thing more inconvenient is having that process go on longer than it has to. Try to be as accommodating as possible for showings. You never know when the person who is going to buy your house will see it. Often times, buyers are coming in from out of town and have set times where they are able to see homes. If you miss their window, they might not come back. Have a family game plan to get out of the house quickly. Try to clean up regularly so you don’t panic when you get a call for a showing. You won’t always get a lot of notice, so the less you have to do to get out, the more accommodating you can be to showing requests.

You Stayed For the Showings

Boston condo buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living in your Charles River Park condo. If you are there, hovering over them, they will just want to get out of there as quickly as possible. Make a plan to leave for showings, so you can give the buyers the space and privacy to fall in love with your home. Come up with a list of places you can go (coffee shops, parks, restaurants) so you aren’t aimlessly driving around waiting for the buyers to be done. No one likes it when sales people hover in a store, and that’s how a buyer will view your presence in the home.

Ready to Sell Your Charles River Park Condo?

We are too! We’re not in the business of taking listings that don’t sell. We’ll help you prepare your Boston condo for sale to meet the market and sell faster and for more money. Our home marketing plan is quite simply the best in the industry. Learn more about it by emailing us at Then call us at 617-595-3712, to schedule a no obligation consultation.

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