Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of having a young couple come into my office looking for a Beacon Hill apartment.

As we were getting to know each other, I found out they were from the mid-west and one their dreams was to buy a Beacon Hill condominium. They went on to say, that they thought that their dream may never come true because of the prices in this neighborhood are so high.

I knew at this point, by the sound of their voices, they were saddened by their future prospect. I then told them that’s how I felt when I first moved up here from New York 25 years ago. And not to despair. I went on to tell them in my 25 years here, I bought and sold numerous condos on my own.

You need to make the first move. It’s all about attitude

As the conversation moved forward, I realized that this couple were actually financially capable of buying a starter Boston condo for sale. As I told them, once you start the process of looking to buy a Boston condo a rhythm sets in that will help you accomplish your goals.

The motivational video below are for those that may need to change their mindset on purchasing Boston downtown real estate. The theme of the video… don’t search for a defining moment to see your dreams come true (i.e from renter to owner), because the moment is NOW.

Boston condos for sale

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Boston downtown real estate for sale

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