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An interesting statistic I just read: … the median age for agents is 51 versus 32 for the median age of first-time buyers, there is a considerable gap between how each group communicates. Only 23 percent of the brokers surveyed reported having a wireless e-mail. This means that 77 percent of the agents are unable to respond to their e-mails while they are out in the field.

That’s insane.

What do you think? Do you think it’s important for a real estate agent to be older – does age imply “wisdom” and/or “experience”? Would you use an agent who was the same age as you, or, younger, even if the person had three or four years of experience?

The part about the wireless email is ridiculous. Certainly, it’s not true in major US cities. But I don’t doubt it’s true, overall.

Actually, it might be a low percentage, even in cities such as Boston (but not New York). I see a lot of agents using regular cellphones, not Palms or BlackBerrys.

I would give up a couple of toes before I’d give up my BlackBerry.

Source: Get rich in a niche – By Bernice Ross, Inman News


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