Zumper.com, which is an end-to-end platform that works with renters and landlords to manage the entire rental process, from search to signing a lease. As easy as booking a hotel room

Zumper is taking control of the process for both sides landlords and renters. After showing interest for a unit that is part of Zumper Selection of apartments, renters are connected with a concierge over chat or on the phone, who personally suggest similar listings and schedule tours.

The startup also pre-qualifies applicants before they decide on a unit, so all landlords have to do is get the lease signed after a decision is made.

Renters like it because they find an apartment quickly with a fraction of the effort, and landlords like it because they’re essentially hand-delivered a pre-qualified tenant instead of having to manually deal with thousands of leads. In return, Zumper takes a percentage of the monthly rent from the landlord, but the service is totally free for renters.

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