Boston Real Estate for Sale

Boston Real Estate for Sale 


You claim your serious about buying a Boston condo. Maybe you’ve been looking on the internet for a while, but haven’t been successful to date. Or you’re planning to kick off your home search in 2021

I’ve been selling Boston condos for more than 20 years, and I’ve learned that it takes more than the will to purchase a Boston condo of your dreams.

Listed below are 3 factors you must commit to before buying a Boston condo:

1. You need to be preapproved for a Boston condo loan.

 I know I’ve said this many times, but you really can’t shop for a Boston condo without a pre-approval letter, unless you can buy with all cash. You and your real estate agent must  know what you’re qualified to purchase, and have a firm understanding of what your monthly payments, property taxes, and insurance costs will be. Without this knowledge its very difficult to place a serious offer to a buyer or his/her agent. so please start off meeting with a mortgage broker or bank representative. He or she will run your credit, and the best lenders will put your application through underwriting before you’re even in contract so you can be competitive when you write an offer.

2. You must select a real estate agent. 

You mighty have fun every Sunday jumping from one open house to another, but playing the open house circuit may be fun when it’s early on and you’re looking for something to do after brunch. But if you’re serious, you need to be ready to move quickly and that can be best done with a knowledgeable broker that knows the local market. At Ford Realty Inc, we can help you with the process.

3. You must commit to a timeframe

 “I’m not in a rush” is not your mantra. Serious buyers set a timeframe for their purchase. Maybe you want to get started after the new year and be in your new place by Spring of 2018. Or you want to get settled before the summer. Set your timing goal at the outset, and make buying a Boston condo a priority.

I’m currently taking on new buyer clients for 2018, so give me a cail at 617-720-5454, if you’d like to sit down and discuss your Boston condo plans.

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Boston condos for sale


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Boston Real Estate for Sale 


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