If you’re thinking of placing your Boston condo for sale. Here are 3 tips you should follow:

  1. Find out what similar Boston condos sold for in the building or complex in the last 6 months. If there were no sales branch out the street or neighborhood you live in. Normally, a Boston real estate broker will be willing to assist you on this free of charge. The real estate term is CMA (Comparative market Analysis).
  2. Make sure your condo can be shown in the best light before placing it on the market. This would include removing any clutter and having the condo professionally cleaned.You may also want to take an extra step in hiring a home inspection on your property to fix any defects before its noticed by a potential buyer.
  3. Call the property management company and have condo docs, last minute condo association meeting notes and budget sent you. Eventually the potential buyer will need this information.


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