Well, by now everyone has read all the bad news about the Massachusetts real estate sales market. So I thought I’d provide you with some positive news. Hmm…where should I begin

President Obama happens to be vacationing in an area of the country shielded from plummeting home sales.

But with a median housing value of $1,097,469 in July of this year, Chilmark, Massachusetts is a cocoon of certainty amid an uncertain real estate market. Chilmark is where the president has been staying while on Martha’s Vineyard; an island unto itself…

In fact, Dukes County, where Martha’s Vineyard is situated, is the only county in the Massachusetts where single-family housing sales are up. State home sales are down 28% for July.

I think it’s great that President Obama found the one spot in the country state where home sales are up. Perhaps soon all of Massachusetts home sales will be up.

File under: Hope and Change.



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