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Boston Real Estate 


Studios, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom condos priced at $400,000 have a small pool of sellers in Boston. Empty nesters, investors, single people, or couples are typical buyers, with the latter two groups being first-time buyers looking to get their foot in the homeownership door of the Boston condo market.

But there’s certainly a strong market for a one-bedroom, especially if it’s in a prime location and has all the amenities. I’ve been watching this segment of the market for a while now, and I was not surprised to find that prices are climbing for one-bedrooms; in some cases, buyers are getting into extreme overbidding at very elevated price points.

Below is a selection of Boston condos priced at $400,000  – $475,000:

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Boston condos

Boston condos for sale


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Updated: Fall/Winter 2020

All of us invest in something. Technically, investing means expanding your money, time, and effort on something with an expectation of a profit, return, or benefit. It depends on what kind of benefit you would like to receive.

For instance, you may invest in your children’s lives because you gain something beneficial from it, like tender or happy emotions. You may also invest in your signature bags because you can still sell them at a reasonable price come the time that you no longer find them attractive. 

The same is true in investing in real estate. Real estate is defined as property consisting of lands or buildings and anything attached or affixed thereto permanently. You can invest in them through buying and selling, building and selling, or just leasing it. The best news is that real estate is one of the investment subjects that never depreciates. It only appreciates as time passes by. 

However, before investing in it, you must be aware of some important matters that might affect you in the future. You need all the knowledge before diving into real estate investing. You can either research your own or seek help from professional services like BMA, mostly when you reside in Melbourne, coming up with your decision or completing your purchase. Thus, it is best to consider these five relevant factors in real estate investing.

1. Cash Flow

You must determine your cash flow before looking into real estate because it is a long-term investment. It’s not like buying something from the store and getting the purchased goods right away. It’s like answering the question, “how stable is your income?” since your income dictates your capacity to purchase real property. 

Indeed, you cannot wish to buy a million-dollar real property if you only earn 500 dollars per month from a single income stream. You need to match up your income with your prospective property’s purchase price. Also, equally important to note is that even if you earn a lot per month, you must still consider the likelihood of acquiring the same amount over the next several years. You cannot merely make speculations about your income.

2. Purpose of Buying The Property

What are your goals for the property? What is your purpose for buying it? These questions will help you prepare in making a wise decision. Some intend the real estate for residential use. Others plan it for commercial use when they want to rent it out or improve it to sell later on.  Thus, knowing the purpose will help you calculate risks, especially the amount of money you will probably spend on it.

Thus, if the real estate is meant for commercial use, you also have to assess and compute in advance the profits you will possibly earn so that your money won’t be put to waste.

Boston Real Estate 



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