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A homeowners story about his dog

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A homeowners story about his dog

This is a story I heard the other day that I would like to share with you.

It all started when an elderly couple that just moved into a new condo and they also were delighted about there new dog. 

On the first night, the couple was determined to keep there dog out of their bed when they first got him. But on this night in their new home, he jumped in between them and snuggled close. They couldn’t believe how quickly the dog trusted them. No way were they going to kick the dog out of the bed.

But as time went on, the dog proved himself an untrained, informal service dog. When he sees one of them getting up, the dog gets up and clears a path for them. He follows them and provides aide to the bathroom when its time to shower and lies down until there done.

The dog  was never trained – he jut knows how and when he’s needed. They told my friend the joy this dog brings them is limitless.

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