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A story about a Beacon Hill party

A story about a Beacon Hill party

Earlier this month, I was invited to my friends Beacon Hill condo on Temple Street. There was a small gathering mostly of Beacon Hill residents. The host served wine and an assortment of world-inspired appetizers, as we engaged in a variety of conversations from will coach Bill Belichick get fired, to the war in Gaza.

At on point, I stopped drinking wine and switched to diet coke, as my voice tends to get louder after a few drinks. Simultaneously, Steve, told his wife perhaps she should cut back on the wine and switch to diet Pepsi as well. The first reaction was a dirty glance towards Steve, that eventually turned into a all out screaming argument.

Steve out of anger or frustration made some racy comments, which I’m sure he later regretted.

As the party ended abruptly, I headed back to Winchester, I was reminded of a story a priest once told in his sermon:

There was a girl brought up as a servant in a castle, subject to the whims of her kind-enough but autocratic mistress.

She was called lazy and clumsy so many times she believed it.

When it turned out she was actually the legitimate ruler of the kingdom, and was placed on the throne, her laziness and clumsiness made her a very bad ruler; her reign lasted only until someone ‘accidentally’ shot her with a crossbow.

Beacon Hill condo broker and the bottom line

The moral of the story: we truly are what we believe we are, and it’s very hard to change.

Be careful what you tell your love ones

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