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Before I tell you about my stroll, let me start off with nobody being arrested should die because they can’t breathe – period. We all have a right to assembly and to protest against injustice.

A stroll down Charles St. in Beacon Hill

This morning as I rode my bike over the Longfellow bridge, I couldn’t help notice how CVS windows and doors we’re all boarded up. After parking my bike, I took a stroll down Charles St and you would almost think you were in Southern Florida with all the boarded storefront windows.

This is not a political blog, its a Boston real estate blog. So I will keep this brief: I support everyone’s right to assemble and protest, but we all need to respect the properties of others. No one has a right to damage Beacon Hill real estate or any downtown Boston property by smashing windows and such.

Let me just part with this message to the protesters and Beacon Hill real estate owners alike:

Wash your hands

Wear a mask

Respect others

That’s all we ask

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