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If your Boston condo is on the market, I would bet you have heard more than once that pricing it right the first time is the most important thing you can do. Here’s the second:  Yesterday, I showed a condo that the seller has lived in for many years and has done quite a bit of renovation to keep the condition current.  Nice condo, nice location, and a good price.  Here’s the problem:

This condo owner was home to let my buyer and the seller’s agent in to preview the condo.  This seller insisted on giving us a tour, as we walked into the kitchen she gave my buyers three seconds to look around before she felt compelled to say “would you like to see the bedrooms now” and opened the master bedroom door.  The seller’s agent said to the homeowner, “please give us a minute to look at the kitchen, we’ll call you if we have a question”.  This homeowner would have none of that.  She followed us all over the condo.  She told us that every bedroom has a closet and that every closet has a light.  She followed us into the bathroom, she actually stood in the bathtub and said it can fit two comfortably, she asked me to join her to prove her point, as tempting as it was, I passed on that offer.  She followed us outside, she sat on the steps while the buyer looked at the outside view of the property.

She followed us everywhere.  My buyer felt a bit uncomfortable about looking at this condo. My point, If you’re a seller and you hired a broker to sell your condo the best thing to do during showings is to go away, go for a walk or anywhere other than staying in the condo  This was a truly awful and uncomfortable situation. 

When your agent will tell you to leave during showings, please listen.

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